Marine & Offshore Medical Services

It is vital for the maritime industry that seafarers and offshore crew are fit to undertake their work without causing risk to their vessels, others at sea or to their own health. Ensuring that individuals are fit to undertake their duties reduces the risk of accidents and serious health issues.

 Marine & Offshore Medical Services

Marine & Offshore Medical Services

Our medical centre is staffed by medical professionals who understand the unique challenges faced by maritime workers and who can provide the appropriate occupational health care for interested companies.

We provide a full assessment of seafarers of all ages and provide advice of any appropriate lifestyles changes to meet the appropriate standards.

We provide the following national medicals:





OGUK (formerly UKOOA)

We can also offer bespoke functional capacity evaluations, testing an individual’s ability to perform various tasks specific to their job requirements.

As well as undertaking medicals and fitness assessments in-house we can also arrange additional tests such as X-rays and cardiac tests, permitting us to offer a full medical package which can be carried out on the same day.

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